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Big Sale The Assigned

Big Sale The Assigned

The Assigned

Big Sale The Assigned

Big Sale The Assigned


  • Sales Rank: 2998502 in Books
  • Published on: 2013-01-23
  • Original language:English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .65" h x6.00" w x9.00" l,.92 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 310 pages

Big Sale The Assigned

I am A. D. Smith, an auth—I’m sorry but I cannot disclose this information. I’ve taken a major chance in just revealing my name. They may be watching. They could be anywhere, even as you read this. But I must tell the story as it was told to me. Now would you believe… There those among us who not as they appear. Demons walk this earth as mortal men. They persuading many to join their uprising. The Persuaded have infiltrated every sector of society. Doctors, lawyers, politicians. They all wear the Shadow, and they bear the Mark. But every few generations, God chooses Three to ist Him in battle. Some even say Jesus’ inner circle—Peter, James, and John—were the first. The Three bestowed extraordinary powers beyond belief. The power to See, the power to Hear, the power to Heal, and the power to Fight. They The Assigned. Tre Turner, Zeek Myers, and Gloria Torres three young strangers from completely different walks of life until sickness, death, and family secrets find a way to unite them. Their lives turned upside down as they deal with personal calamity, burgeoning relationships, as well as their newfound Gifts. Will this new Three of Three rise beyond personal anguish and accept their calling as warriors? Or will doubt and temptation slowly consume them? This story must be told. We must—shhh, I hear footsteps approaching, possibly two men. I’ve said too much…

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